The Gospel Truth about the Rapture

A book by Dov Schwarz


Why is there so much confusion?

The Rapture is the next big event on the Lord’s prophetic calendar. It will be the greatest thing that could ever take place in the life of a disciple of Messiah Jesus! Yet, so much confusion and heated debate swirls around the Rapture. These questions and more are answered in THE GOSPEL TRUTH ABOUT THE RAPTURE.

Regarding the Rapture…

-What is it?

-Is it in the Bible?

-Why is there so much confusion?

-Why do fewer Church leaders teach about it?

-Why has it become increasingly unpopular?

-Since there are different views and positions can we know the truth?

-Why is the Rapture important to the Lord’s disciple?

The message of THE GOSPEL TRUTH ABOUT THE RAPTURE are leaping off it’s pages! These Scriptural truths pertain directly to this generation’s disciples of the Lord. If you would like your life to become dramatically more dynamic and hopeful—read and implement the GOSPEL TRUTH ABOUT THE RAPTURE!

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