Activate the Blessings of the Abraham Covenant

A new book by Dov Schwarz


This Book will help you:

  • - Learn how to be a true friend of our Creator!
  • - Identify promised blessings!
  • - Understand authentic vs. counterfeit blessings!
  • - Position yourself for blessings!
  • - Learn how to avoid great unnecessary trouble!
  • - Know how to speak, think, and live a blessed life!
  • - Prepare yourself for a blessed eternity!
  • - Activate blessings that are all around you—today!

Activate the Blessings of the Abraham Covenant truly is a light in a dark place. The increasingly black backdrop of this generation covers the landscape of every part of the earth today. It seems like there is only bad news. Yet, to the contrary, there is very good news! Our Creator has a plan that includes blessing those who call upon His name and walk in His ways. Very specific blessings lie at the fingertips of His children, just waiting to be activated

For a gift of any amount to Watch Therefore, Blessing Israeli Believers, or Poured Out for the Nations UPON REQUEST you will receive a copy of Activate the Blessings of the Abraham Covenant. Make sure to add in the memo section by check or notes section online: ATB Book. May the Lord Bless You As You Watch Therefore and Get Ready, Dov Schwarz (Book offer for those in USA only).