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Days of Noah

This program aired August 05, 2017 

2nd Timothy 1

This program aired September 02, 2017 

2nd Timothy Ch 2 Part 3

This program aired October 14, 2017 

Isaiah 55

This program aired August 12, 2017 

Watch Therefore Ben Tal

This program aired September 09, 2017 

2nd Timothy Chapter 3 Part 1

This program aired October 21, 2017 

The Last of the Last Days

This program aired August 19, 2017 

2nd Timothy Ch2 Part 1

This program aired September 23, 2017 

2nd Timothy Chapter 3 Part 2

This program aired October 28, 2017 

Son of David

This program aired August 26, 2017 

The Lord's Calendar

This program aired October 07, 2017 

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Join Dov Schwarz in Northern Israel, near the Sea of Galilee, to hear from the word of God and prepare for the great coming of our King.

Airing Saturdays at 9:00 PM Central / 10:00 PM Eastern on CTN

The Christian Television Network 

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Watch Therefore Media is very excited to share the gospel and make disciples. Through our ministries Blessing Israeli Believers and through Poured Out For The Nations we are doing just that. Watch Therefore Media brings you closer to what God is doing in and through the ministry.  

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