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The Problem:

Increasingly, Israeli Jewish people who live in Judea and Samaria, which is the name our Bible gives to these areas, are under attack by Arab Muslim terrorists. Most in the world call these areas the West Bank. Of course terror attacks take place in other parts of Israel but especially there. Also increasingly, knives are the weapon of choice to murder Jews.

One Example: In Otniel, a small village in Judea, a mother of six children was murdered when a sixteen year old boy terrorist came into their home and killed the precious mother with a knife in front of some of her children.

One Of Many Potential Solutions: The Watch Therefore Israel Protection Dog Program

A professionally trained protection dog could have saved that mother and turned the terrorist into the victim. I own a protection dog in Israel and can say with great confidence if that terrorist came into our home he would have a very serious problem.

Our ministry will be the conduit to receive funds from lovers of Israel and, through professional trainers in Israel, will train and place these special dogs in families in high terror risk areas. This is one very practical way for those who follow Messiah Yeshua to show His love to these precious families in Israel.

This program is already underway and we are training and placing dogs at this time. Please prayerfully consider joining us to save Jewish lives with the Watch Therefore Israel Protection Dog Program.

May The Lord Bless You As You Bless Israel,

Dov Schwarz

Blessing Israeli Believers


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